Why Should My Boss Be In Favor Of Cloud Computing?

Amy Morin| Hostreview

Some bosses aren’t jumping at the opportunity to switch the company over to cloud computing. Often, it’s because they just don’t understand the many advantages cloud computing offers small businesses.

With that said, why should your company be leaning towards this technology?

Saves Time

Many small businesses dedicate a lot of time to backing up files at the end of each business day. Traditionally, this has required external hardware that needed to be stored in ways that would protect it from fire or burglary.

However, the time it takes to backup data can be fairly cumbersome. Also, backing up data on external hardware requires businesses to constantly be upgrading to newer equipment options.

Cloud computing makes data storage simple and easy. It can free up a lot of time for the IT department as well as other employees.

Saves Money

Cloud Computing can certainly save small businesses money. Instead of having to purchase newer software or replace outdated hardware, businesses can simply use the cloud.

Cloud computing offers a variety of options based on small business’ needs so companies don’t have to pay for more than they use.

Remote Access

Remote access to data and applications is one of the biggest benefits of cloud computing. Employers can have employees working from home, in another state or even in another country.

It eliminates the need for complicated listservs or attempts to email attachments. Instead, when any employee can access the cloud, they’ll already have everything they need at their fingertips.

Employees who want to work on projects from home won’t have to carry documents back and forth. Instead, they can start a project at the office and seamlessly transition to working on it from home.

Disaster Protection

Disasters can often cost small businesses a lot in lost revenue when they have to be shut down. However, the cloud can allow many small companies to operate even when a disaster strikes.

All employees need is an internet connection to work in the cloud. So, even if your community is flooded or your building has burned down, employees who can access a computer and internet connection can keep the business up and running.

Even if your equipment or computers are damaged, the information will still be available in the cloud. Small businesses owners using the cloud may be more likely to allow employees to stay home during inclement weather or to work remotely when disaster hits.

Increased Storage

Many small businesses constantly run out of storage on external hard drives and backup systems. However, the cloud offers endless storage possibilities.

For businesses that aren’t sure how much storage they need, they can start by purchasing a little storage and as their needs change, they can purchase more storage.

Improved Organization

Small businesses can have different clouds that help keep information well-organized. For example, important memos can all be stored in one area, which will prevent employees from wasting time searching through old emails or a filing cabinet looking for one particular memo.

Employers also won’t have to waste time emailing certain groups or trying to ensure everyone “got the memo.” Instead, everyone can refer to it on the cloud as needed.

Although some bosses may be hesitant to embrace this new technology, it’s likely that cloud computing will eventually be implemented almost everywhere.


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