Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing

Cloud ComputingThese days clouds are everywhere. In the technological terms cloud computing means applications are delivers as services over the internet. In the cloud computing hardware and software data centers also have their presence on the cloud. The combination of these services over the internet without any physical link is called cloud computing.

A New Concept of Networking

Cloud computing is somewhat a new concept which is gaining popularity. In the physical networking, several computers distributed across the network connected together to set up a big network. This network then can handle big amount of data, whereas in Cloud World there is no physical presence of computers that are connected with each other. Cloud technology makes it possible to have each computer appears as a separate machine which allows users to load or download software. Through cloud an operating system can be installed on each node with custom configuration.

Different Way of Connectivity

The idea of cloud computing emerged obviously from grid computing which is also a distributed computing network. One can find a little bit of similarity between them but they work in different ways. Cloud computing is an evolving field. It gets its name because the data and applications all exist on a cloud of web-servers. In simple words, the cloud computing is the sharing and use of software and resources to get tasks done and you don’t have to worry about the ownership of network resources.

You are already using cloud computing – despite unaware of it – for a quite few years now. If you have an email account then all of your data is stored on the provider’s cloud servers. Experts are of the view that soon desktops will become outdated and all you have to do is to connect your monitor with appropriate applications on a smart device.

Consumers Now Are in the Cloud

For internet marketers, cloud computing has changed the content and the way what is being marketed. Suppliers and companies are now obliged to introduce new products and services through cloud and it changed the marketing as well. Marketing people have now new tools thanks to cloud applications. These tools have enabled them to utilize cloud platform to market their products or to launch their campaign.

Companies which insist on staying at the old ways of doing business would sooner be forced to adopt cloud based infrastructure. They are forced to adopt and accept this transition which is called cloud revolution.

Marketing Benefits in Cloud World

Marketing team also looks for ways to boost their sales and have an edge over their competitors. The more and more clients are moving towards cloud computing thus putting pressure on marketing team to come up with more efficient, innovative and new products.

With the advent and spread of cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about had-disks or other storage devices because information and data can now be shared over the internet.

No Security Issue

With the cloud, security is no longer an issue. Large companies have entered into this market. They brought experience and expertise with them regarding the security of the consumers. This has also ended the worry about losing data in case of hard-disk crash, because cloud computing also provides redundancy and off-line backup. So the complete loss of data is almost impossible in cloud computing.


The real benefit of cloud computing is its cost-efficiency. Now you don’t have pay big bucks on setting up infrastructures.  A web-based device or a smart device is enough to get into cloud-based system.

Real-time reporting

Cloud-based platform helps marketers to get real-time analysis and reports. Mobile analytics and reporting capabilities enable marketing team to take decisions based on available data.

Easy To Target Clients

Cloud-based platform also provides measurability test so it becomes easy to target the customers. Companies can boost their conversations to develop distinguished personalized experiences.

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