cloud-computingThese days, cloud computing is spreading at the speed of light while companies are trying to take benefit of it. Cloud computing offers cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Cloud computing is spreading rapidly, so there are debates over its trust and understanding.

There is a wrong perception about cloud computing’s transparency. Its credibility is often questioned due to multi-server approach for the creation of cloud platforms. The misunderstanding about cloud computing is confusing for the clients as well as companies. Some of the markets that are taking benefits from cloud computing are the one which were reluctant to signing up to it at the beginning.

Large companies have budget to host private cloud services or to hire third-party services. Private users can only engage with cloud computing at lower level where they don’t have any compliance or security issues. Small to medium enterprises get better information through cloud computing platform but don’t necessarily have the budget to employ IT staff. If we put it another way, SMEs are more dependable on third-party but they are unable to control the risks of using cloud computing.


The solution to client’s concerns is in the standardization which aims to establish transparency. In other words, standardization will help create a market where a customer can make a deal with multiple providers. In that network a customer doesn’t have to worry about the data handling, reliability and stability.

European Commission is the main driving force behind standardization in the European cloud computing world. European Union was keen to carry out new set of procedures and regulations across 27 members of the EU.

The aim to implement these standards is to make sure the continuous availability of cloud services spanning across the Union. Union also aimed to build trust of the clients that their data is stored safely within the legal framework.

They chalked out a policy to issue certification to third-party cloud computing providers. Every cloud provider across the EU is provided with a certificate that they are complying with EU standardization on data handling, and security.

Through these standardization, it has become easy to elaborate about the usage of cloud computing. There are documents that spell out what exactly a client is signing up for and what services would it get in return. For startups standardization is the key to build trust in the cloud computing market because it brings transparency with it.


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