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Cloud computing has emerged as one of the key technologies across modern businesses. Companies in a variety of sectors are now taking advantage of the technology to improve the way that employees work and provide new ways of working.

Writing for CloudTweaks, tech expert Miles Young explained that security is one of the biggest concerns for modern organisations, adding that employers are worried that “corporate secrets” could fall into the wrong hands.

More people are now using laptops and smartphones in the workplace, meaning that traditional and mobile cloud computing are becoming important solutions for firms.

“While businesses can ensure their own devices have proper antivirus and malware protection, they give up some of this control with a bring your own device model.

“Thankfully, this can also be remedied with cloud computing. Mobile device management tools help secure devices from outside threats by using a cloud environment from a central location,” Mr Young told the news provider.

He added that organisations should communicate company policies relating to workplace activities on the business network and monitoring measures in place to guarantee workers remain on the “straight and narrow”.

“When employees use company-provided devices, in some ways, life is easier for businesses. They know their employees’ computers will be on their desks in the morning, just where they left them at the end of the day before,” Mr Young noted.

He went on to say that cloud computing can help workplaces deal with potential disruptions, explaining that staff can begin working from another machine whenever their device is lost or stolen.

To help staff to boost the security of their personal devices, data recovery measures should be put in place, which will help businesses to restore information whenever it is lost.

To ensure protection in the event that employees’ mobile devices experience data loss, companies should extend their usual IT policies, including backup protocols, to include all mobile devices.


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