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SIP Connector Configuration

We provide you the integration of your existing PBX including cloud and physical office PBX with Bitrix24Bitrix cloud version has just introduced a SIP connector for Bitrix24 telephony. It means that your existing PBX can now be connected including cloud and your physical office PBX to Bitrix24.

  • Work with your existing phone number.
  • Pay for the phone calls to your existing IT telephony provider at the rates that you chose.
  • Get access to additional features like call recording, automatic new lead creation when someone calls you and call forwarding to responsible manager of an existing client.

VoiP PBX Integration

We provide integration solutions of your Softphones and SIP phones (also Called VoIP or USB phones) to the Bitrix24 System to enable you to call mobile and landlines domestically and internationally using Bitrix24 cloud.

Email Marketing Customization

Get your Zoho CRM integrated with your email marketing software to make a complete process of communication which will be streamlied effective and easy to evaluate. For the process to be efficeint you need the perfect harmony between your CRM system and your email marketing software.

We offer integration solution in which we connect your Email Campaigns and Zoho CRM accounts to let you reach out to your leads, prospects and customers with ease. With this you will be enabled to measure the effectiveness of your efforts by using a centralized platform within your CRM account.

E-learning Solution for intranet and Extranet Users

We will be providing you professional training on the usage of Bitrix24 intranet and extra-net to align your processes and workflows, understand each feature in bitrix24 system through online video calling and will explain solutions provided with in the bitrix24 system. This online training will enable you to avail full advantage offered by various features incorporated in bitrix24 like accessing and share information and organizing the projects to make the system a central dashboard.

With the help of this online training you will be able to maximize the utility of Bitrix24 to enhance your business performance and efficiency.

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