I know that some of you might even think does web hosting has any influence over your search rankings? Well the answer is yes it does. So without any delay lets in to the topic and get to know how your web hosting might have its influence over your rankings.

1. Where Is Your Server At:

Your sever location plays a vital role in your rankings. How? you should know that when you try to access Google.com from Pakistan, its highly likely you are redirected to Google.co.pk and when you do your search from Pakistan its more likely that pages that are hosted in Pakistan tend to rank high over pages which are hosted in US. Interesting? well it is in fact interesting. So its a good idea to know who are your targeted audience and where are they located, if you are focusing on site which would mainly focus on audience from Singapore then its a good idea to find a hosting from Singapore than having a server over US. Which will give you a little edge over your competitors.

2. Server Uptime:

You should know that if your site is hosted on server that is over sold and too crowded its highly likely that your server tend to go down most often and this is not really good from SEO point of view. Also speed of such servers are mostly likely to be poor and that would give rise to drop in your rankings. So when you get your hosting its a good idea to go for hosting from a reputed company and to a company which do not over sell.

3. Shared Ip Address:

Shared IP address is kinda thought to be bad from SEO point of view as well. But as long as your hosting provider have restrictions over the kind of site that can be hosted on their shared server and pretty good at standing by it, it may not affect you that much but still having a server and hosting with an independent ip is still considered good.

Dedicated And VPS Servers:

VPS is something which is becoming more popular nowadays considering the performance and price range it is available from. If your site is using more resources then its probably a good idea to move it to VPS or dedicated server depending on the resources it utilizes. More good your server performance is more healthy your site stays and that would have its impact over your rankings and of course visitors love sites that are fast.

So I hope this article gave you bit of an idea about how to host your site and where to host it so that you fetch maximum benefit in terms of SEO.



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