Lots of marketers claim to know digital- but it’s described in many forms and sometimes these are very generic.  A digital strategy can be included as part of a retention strategy, as a standalone brand tool, as an engagement strategy or as part of the wider marketing mix.  And who gets digital well enough to deliver it? As well as digital agencies there are advertising agencies, loyalty agencies, direct agencies, brand response agencies, word of mouth agencies, experiential and PR agencies and all use digital communications, some more prominently than others.

Digital is measurable in every aspect, whether for engagement or CPC, therefore it’s flavour of the century with all marketers.  But where does it fit within the marketing strategy?  Probably not on its own – so why is it so often separated?  Why proclaim that you are an integrated and digital marketer, surely integrated contains digital?

The same goes for direct marketing specialists, why separate digital?  Digital is part of direct, you can track EDM or banners through the customer interaction with the site to the point of purchase.  This is exactly what drew more marketing spend to direct mail last century.

Digital is not just about technology. Some campaigns we see seem to have gismo components that were technology provided and were not inherent to the idea.  The best digital comms examples contain core elements of a marketing campaign that have been technology enabled but directly appeal to the target market intended.  These should be referred to in your CV.

We believe digital is a core channel with many other channels within, all of which are enabled by technology and can serve a different purpose.  All are measurable but all do not lead to cost per sale.  Ultimately if you are marketer that understands digital, you know which aspects of digital marketing you used, why you did so and the results you obtained.  You know if you tested the channel before you rolled out the campaign or if you used digital as an engagement tool as part of a brand awareness campaign.

However you used it or however you require your new employee to use digital, be specific on exactly what experience you have or need.  Just to say you ‘get digital’ could be seen as a very broad and largely meaningless statement.



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