Commonly, online business owners believe that global audience is waiting to buy their product, so they can get overnight profit by simply showcasing their products online, this is the biggest mistake they make. In majority of the cases, this simple and unplanned approach of showcasing their products result in the failure of their business, because there is a tough competition out there, several are showcasing similar products like them. Success of online business requires right web design, right process and right tools. 


Clear and good content addresses information needs of customers. Well-written and understandable content provides solutions to visitor’s problems and answers to their questions. This thing keeps them to stay on the website. In addition to this, good content crawls at the top pages of search engines, increases chances of business to get good positions in search giants like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. Good content in combination with good SEO strategy drive visitors to online retailers. 


Credibility is very important for a newly established online business, as potential clients take time to build trust in a new business. They hesitate in requesting for the quote, giving their personal information. So, credibility starts with a good content. Businesses must write openly about its offering and let people know that their existence in the market is credible.  A compelling logo and attractive website contributes in credibility. Website provides support for customer testimonials, Forums and blogs. Online businesses can increase credibility by taking advantage of these.  


Conversion is the major goal of an online business because this is how business makes money.  Businesses need to delicately show their visitors the path towards conversion. For this, online businesses have to have a world class e-commerce platform with a user-friendly catalogue of products, and an easy and quick process of checkout. In case if prospect does not convert into customer in the first go, then there must be a backup plan to capture the contact details of the potential. It needs business to have right tools such as bold and clear online newsletter signup form and enquiry form. 


For an online business, conversions of potentials into regular customers provide real profit to business. For this, providing incredible user experience to customers holds significant value. A favorable experience increases repeat purchases and let them to provide referrals to other potential customers.  In case of business to business (B2B) service offering, conversion is a qualified lead. This type of lead requires further relationship building and nurturing before a prospect turns into customer. The success of the business is measured in terms of the “call to action” conversions for which clear call to actions are needed. These conversions translate into business development and growth. 

Xcluesiv’s Adoption of 4 C approach 

At Xcluesiv, considering this 4 C’s approach, we build the foundations of effective online business for our clients. We have all the tools to implement this highly successful approach. Regardless of the scope of the work or nature of the business, we provide a unique online solution to our clients. We make use of latest technology in order to ensure that the online experience on website is user-friendly, reliable, secure and safe. 


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