Organizations get the most benefit from cloud computing when they also take care to implement proven best practices for software asset management (SAM) effectively, BSA—| The Software Alliance said in a new study.

In the report titled, Navigating the Cloud — Why Software Asset Management is More Important than Ever, BSA said that by using SAM as a cloud enabler, businesses were able to realize the benefits and cost savings of deploying computing resources in the cloud. The study also said that ineffective SAM in the cloud can undermine many of those same benefits.

The study provided practical guidance on challenges organizations face in successfully integrating and performing SAM within their cloud computing environments.

The report said that cloud computing did not end license compliance worries but rather created new ones. These challenges can be overcome with effective SAM. It noted that SAM is as critical for organizations moving to the cloud as it is for those running traditional IT environments.

The reported noted that while the goal of SAM does not change, the `how’ of SAM needs to be adapted for cloud environments. SAM should be an integral part of an organization’s cloud strategy and implementation plan, it suggested.

“Traditional software license agreements require special attention when moving to the cloud to ensure license compliance. Software-as-a-service introduces potential challenges related to unauthorized use and shelfware,” the study remarked.

“Software asset management needs to be an integral part of an organization’s cloud strategy, from implementation to managing the lifecycles of software assets,” said Jodie Kelley, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, BSA. “Without proper SAM, many of the benefits provided by cloud computing, such as cost and risk reduction, will not be realized.”


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