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These days, new digital marketing and social media strategists are popping up quicker than you can say “Google”. Do you really need one for your business and your digital marketing strategy? What are the benefits and draw backs of employing one for my business?

A good digital marketing and social media strategist can deliver a number of great benefits for your online business. From helping you with setting up clear objectives and goals for your strategy to the implementation of your campaign plan, find a couple of benefits below on why I believe they are important.

Objectives and goals

Many people and companies are jumping onto the social media bandwagon and start promoting themselves on Twitter, Facebook and the new Google+ network posting random updates. While many people will enjoy a spike in fans and new followers, this will soon thin out and they will lose interest in the whole exercise.  A good digital marketing consultant understands the vital importance of setting clear objectives and goals to achieve success with social media and various digital marketing strategies.

Content marketing is king

Creating engaging and unique content for your target audience and network is key if you want to leverage social media properly.  A social media strategist can help you develop a clear schedule to keep on your content creation on the right track, and also show you ways and methods to curate and source content which will be interesting and very relevant to your network.

Social media measurement and ROI

One of the key things company’s that are inexperienced with digital marketing are struggling with is the measurement of their digital marketing campaigns success and ROI. If you really want to leverage a social media campaign effectively, it is important that you understand how to measure your campaign’s success. A social media strategist will be able to help you select the right tools that you can use for tracking your campaign and social media activity, and setting up a process to keep track of your ROI.

Saving time

An experience social media strategist has already done the hard yards in learning what doesn’t work and what does work as you try to leverage social media to build up brand authority. While it will cost you a certain amount to employ the service of a professional consultant, this may be considerably less than the time, cost and mistakes you would make in trying to learn social media yourself.

Do you need a social media strategist?

Each business will benefit in different ways from hiring a professional social media strategist. A large company with an in-house marketing and social media team can benefit by getting fresh and new ideas from a professional consultant. A medium size company that has one or two employees responsible for their social media efforts would benefit from a consultant who can train them and provide ongoing support for them.  A small company without staff dedicated to social media can also benefit from a consultant that can run their whole social media campaign, and help them leverage and understand social media.

If you can find a good social media strategist, they will be able to tell you what is right for your business in the social media sphere.



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