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If you’re not yet tracking your performance on Pinterest, you should. These useful tools can help.

Want to get more out of Pinterest? Start analyzing your success: Find out who is clicking and repinning your images and track the results. Check out these four new tools designed to do exactly that:

1. Pinfluencer

This analytics tool is indispensible. It shows you who is clicking on which pins, and can help you refocus your Pinterest campaigns. Instead of randomly guessing which pins are working, you can track who is pinning the most and what kind of following they have. (A similar tool for Twitter, SproutSocial, allows you to track who is retweeting what you say and can gauge your influence.) Like, you can also compare your pinboard to another to analyze which one generates more traffic and why. The new Promotions Platform helps you create contests and sweepstakes to attract customers.

2. Viralheat

Like many analytics dashboards, Viralheat lets you to track mentions of your brand. With Pinterest integration, the service goes beyond basic search data. You can track searches by specific pin name, keywords, descriptions, image name, domain, link text, and board name. You can see who is a “hot pinner” not just by searches but through multiple search avenues–the number of total pins, the pinners total reach, their unique pins, and their average number of likes. “Business owners can reach out to their top influencers and develop a relationship that can help with sales,” says Courtney Kettmann, the community manager at Viralheat.

3. PinLeague

Tracking your followers on Pinterest might seem easy, but seeing trends is harder than you think. PinLeague puts some muscle behind the numbers. You can track repins from top followers, check your overall pin activity across your brand, and see who is following you (and follow them back). More than just a dashboard, PinLeague also lets you create marketing campaigns a la MailChimp to target top pinners, then track your success as it correlates to those campaigns.

4. Pingraphy

Ask any social networking guru what the secret is to making connections, and they will start telling you about scheduling. Most of us forget to pin new products every day, but Pingraphy lets you schedule your activity in advance. That way, you can make sure you have an active pinboard. You can also perform bulk pin uploads, see metrics on clicks related to uploads and schedules, and track follower counts.

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