Should Businesses Do Social Media or Social Media Marketing?


What’s in a word?  A lot has happened in the Social Web and yet, one may have to consider: To do Social Media or Social Media Marketing?  The first term is for newbies and the latter, for businesses who are serious in using social media for their marketing.  Understand This:The impact of social media has made it easier for people to share information online and yet, it is one of the most overlooked marketing tool because of one thing: You must understand how to use it for your business needs, how your customers are interacting on it, and what goals you have to make your campaign truly effective.

It’s simply a no-brainer!  Social Media is NOT About the Media, It’s About Building Relationships With People You Do Business With… and it doesn’t really matter if you’d like to call it ‘social media’ or ‘social media marketing’.

Relationships… are the ultimate key to understanding how people perceive your brand these days and it only makes sense to know how to manage these bonds better.  As our world has become more digital and in some ways, less personal, the importance of these relationships has increased.  With new and efficient communication channels, it is now easier to initiate that relationship – but to build trust, it is critical that you listen continuously and make evaluations based on what’s being said about your brand on the Social Web.

Listen Carefully! You Cannot Run Your Social Media Marketing Strategy on Gut Instincts 

Any business online is always competing for something and you need to know how to stack up against your rivals.  Social media has become a business tool which is vital in promoting your brand online.  How do you get started then?  Brands that embrace social media as a platform to communicate their digital identity, their uniqueness communicated in a digital space, have the potential to foster deep community among their engaged users, and even inspire greater loyalty.. If you haven’t been taking advantage of this powerful new media that makes it easier for you to talk and listen to your customers today, it is not yet too late to start utilizing it now.

Social media is an essential strategic tool that can effectively help your business succeed on the Web.  Your social media marketing campaign is measurable, that is, if you know the real metrics to measure in the first place.  Having a cloud of doubt?  Check out these stats:

•    Social networks and blogs are still top destination online.  Social networking app usage is up 30% from third quarter of 2010 –  Nielsen, The Social Media Report Q3 2011

•    76% of businesses are using social networking for business objectives and 72% of marketers researched said social media helped them seal the business –  MDG Advertising, The ROI of Social Media, September 2011

•    400% increase in site traffic and 30% drop in call service volume has been observed when Microsoft opened Twitter for its customer service channel –  Socialnomics, Social Media Case Study, September 2011

•    More than half of businesses use online social networking to market to their customers –  American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor, April 2011

•    There are now more social networking accounts online than there are people in the world. Out of ten billion social networking and online world accounts in 2010, 4.5 billion of these are active – Silicon, April 2011

•    Ford’s 2011 Explorer Campaign in Facebook garnered a 200% greater ROI than a Super Bowl Ad would – The Big Book of Social Media: Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives ( Robert Fine & Sam Feist, foreword )

•    The world spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. This means that in April 2010 alone, the average visitor spends 66% more time online – Nielsen

•    Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media enthusiast and the author of the highly-acclaimed ‘Thank You Economy’ book, used social media to help boost his father’s New Jersey-based liquor store sales from $4M to $10 M via social media alone – The Personality Project

•    Forty percent of companies globally have successfully used social networks to find new customers and over half of businesses ( 51% ) employ social networks to organize, manage, or connect to customer groups – REGUS, A Global Survey of Business Social Networking

That’s just the beginning… Are you ready to share something good and positive?  We are!  Your social media marketing campaign is measurable, that is, if you know the real metrics to measure in the first place.  We would like to show real estate professionals the right way – of what really works and what doesn’t.  Your Social Media Roadmap unfolds..

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