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Socialcam is a staple for instantly sharing video content. Touted as “Instagram for video” the app has seen great traction, logging 36 million members as of May 2012. A large segment of that user population, though, is comprised of brands using video content as a marketing tool. Top brands range from the New York Jets to General Electric.

Big brands find success on Socialcam by letting fans and the general public behind the scenes of the well-known name and providing customers the chance to interact with makers of the product. But this strategy isn’t reserved for well-known companies. Small businesses can also create conversations around their brand by emulating the core techniques these leading brands have established.

Socialcam CEO Michael Seibel tells Mashable the best ways for small businesses to increase their reach through Socialcam. Check out his tips below.

1. Post Often

Socialcam is one place where it’s quantity over quality.

Take advantage of the app’s easy interface to keep a continuous flow of content on your page. Instead of crafting the “perfect viral video” with significant editing, time, energy and money, Seibel says, do videos that are simple and interesting; most importantly, post to your page often.

Don’t wait two to three weeks between each video, but instead, post two to three videos each week to “sit in the sweet spot,” Seibel advises. Since Socialcam provides users with an activity newsfeed, the more you post, the more your business name will appear in the feed and draw users to your videos.

Sierra Mist, the sixth highest rated brand on Socialcam, does a good job of filling its page with quick and fun videos, such as magic tricks using its soda. The production quality is low and the videos are easy to make, but they do generate buzz around the product.

2. Repurpose Existing Content

If your small business doesn’t have manpower to consistently create new content, use pre-existing ads. Just make sure to take advantage of Socialcam’s filters and soundtracks to produce a video with a different vibe than the original.

Seibel says The Brooklyn Nets — the No. 1 brand on Socialcam, with more than 960,000 followers — do a great job of using television content or previously made promotional ads to create short teasers on Socialcam.

Small businesses can now easily create ads they may not have had resources for before, while also building up a follower base on Socialcam. Or, if ads aren’t fitting for your small business, try uploading videos of how products are made (like General Electric’s video of a jet engine being built).

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