Looking for new and creative ways to reach your target audience?  Well, if you’re not, you should be, of course!  Have you been thinking about your 2012 marketing goals?  Is starting a blog or creating a YouTube channel on your list?  Well, 2012 might just be the opportunity you’re looking for, seeing as content marketing is as popular and effective as ever.

What is Content Marketing?

Put simply, content marketing is creating and distributing content to attract a particular target audience.  The idea behind content marketing is to provide entertaining, informational content to your target market, the ultimate goal being repeated brand exposure and consistent lead generation for your business.

Popular Content Vehicles in 2011:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Updates
  • eNewsletters
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

…and more!

Pick an outlet you’re looking to explore.  Social media is a good place to start.  A little lost?  Hire a branding or marketing expert to help find the best outlet for the type(s) of content you’re looking to provide your ideal potential clients.

Content marketing is selling to your target market, without, well, selling.  People are tired of the same old sales game.  It’s time to get creative!  So instead of pitching ideas, you’re providing information, empowering your potential clients – and today’s buyers like that!  A lot!

For Great Content, Think Great Branding

Great content marketing emulates great branding!  Think about it: what are the components of a great brand?

A Great Brand:

  • Tells your Story
  • Is Consistent and Comprehensive
  • Is Unique
  • Is Memorable

Whichever outlet and method you choose (starting a blog, a newsletter or a video series, for example), the content you provide your target audience should mimic the same qualities found in a great brand…

Great Content:

  • Tells a story
    • Like your brand, your content should be informed, interesting, entertaining, relevant and engaging to your target audience.
  • Is Consistent and Comprehensive
    • Your content should be produced on a regular schedule and in a format that’s consistent not only from week to week, but also consistently illustrates your brand and brand components, such as colors, themes and language.
    • When working with multiple outlets, always try to cross-pollinate.  For example, if you update your blog or create a new podcast or YouTube video, tweet about it, post about it on LinkedIn and/or post your article to Biznik.
  • Is Unique
    • Great content differentiates you from competition – and that’s huge!  Share your insight through your unique personality and show why you’re the real expert in your field.
    • Unique, engaging and informative content establishes and reinforces your reputation and the reputation of your business. This is a great opportunity to really be your brand – so get out there and show them what you’ve got!  You Are Your Brand!
  • Is Memorable
    • Memorable content is shareable content, and that’s what you’re really looking for from content marketing.  The more people value your content, the more they are likely to share it with others in your target market.  Be shareable and your content spreads on its own!

It’s time to add content marketing to your 2012 branding strategy.  Building content in 2012 will build your brand and your business.  Happy New Year from The Branding Spot!



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