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ProfitBricks, the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that completely reengineered the delivery of cloud computing, today released a case study detailing how its cloud computing 2.0 solution can help SaaS companies achieve their business goals. SchoolBrains, a global provider of sophisticated data management, analytical and assessment solutions for PreK-12 school districts, implemented ProfitBricks’ IaaS solution across multiple school districts.

In doing so, SchoolBrains demonstrated how cloud computing 2.0 infrastructure can help SaaS companies operate more effectively and efficiently while enhancing application performance.

SaaS companies need cloud infrastructure solutions that ensure a great user experience. Speed, reliability and scalability are crucial factors for any SaaS company delivering software via the cloud.

“ProfitBricks has helped us increase our ability to provide our customers with the best possible experience by increasing the technological scalability, flexibility, agility and performance of our SaaS offering,” said Rob Pemberton, CEO of SchoolBrains. “ProfitBricks really epitomizes the promise of the cloud and has taken it to the next generation.”

Offering dedicated cores, free and flexible software defined networks, live vertical scaling and double redundant high-speed storage, ProfitBricks ensures that SaaS companies can ensure their users will have the best possible experience. The company’s InfiniBand backed network offers more than eight times the available speed from any other cloud provider.

SchoolBrains’ cloud resource needs vary by school district and can spike during certain times of the month or year. When the company reviewed traditional cloud providers that bill companies for predetermined server configurations regardless of how much infrastructure the company actually needs, it preferred ProfitBricks’ cloud computing 2.0 solution which offers a clear, simple, minute-based pricing model that charges for cloud computing resources based on how much infrastructure a company is using at any given time.

“SaaS companies don’t just need a cloud computing infrastructure that can quickly scale with their user-bases,” said ProfitBricks CEO Bob Rizika. “They need a scalable solution with transparent, easy-to-understand billing. This helps them keep their costs down and users happy.”

Operating SaaS out of server co-location facilities using owned-and-operated equipment, or using traditional web hosting providers, often requires hiring a team of full-time IT infrastructure engineers. This is costly and can take people and other resources away from projects most important to a SaaS company’s product development and customer growth.

“Cloud computing IaaS, and specifically ProfitBricks, allows me to consistently provide a great user experience, and to control the very high personnel costs that keep me awake at night,” said Pemberton. “The company’s solution has allowed me to reduce capital spending on technology infrastructure and increase productivity by reallocating operations and engineering headcount.”

ProfitBricks strives to make the setup and maintenance of cloud computing environments simple. The company provides system administrator engineer-level personal support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is the world’s first cloud computing service that includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop Data Center Designer.

Read more about SchoolBrains’ implementation of ProfitBricks here. Also check out this infographic of how cloud computing 2.0 solutions can help SaaS companies meet their business goals.


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