At the two-day event, the memorandum of intention between ICT Ministry and Electronic Government Agency (Public Organisation) (EGA) and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) was signed to found the official CSA office in Thailand. EGA will handle the human resources and budget issues to support all activities related to CSA.  “This effort aims to promote security system for cloud computing among users.

CSA will support all activities and provide know-hows. This MOI will greatly benefit the region. Therefore, the cloud computing system in Thailand, especially G-Cloud, would continue to enjoy sustainable growth on the basis of GIN system which can be scalable to Super GIN for more network expansion to other areas, availability of government data with accessibility for related agencies and bodies,” said Nattapong Seetavorarat, advisor to the Minister of Information and Communication Technology.

The “Smart Farmer” and other intelligent solutions will be launched to improve working processes and offer better services to the public. All systems will be based on cloud system. In this regard, the G-Cloud of Thailand will be extensive and grow tremendously. Thus, the security system and legal aspects will also grow to promote confidence.

“I believe the cloud system of government and private sectors in Thailand will serve users with their confidence while reciprocate the assistances among ASEAN countries to ensure that the system is secured and deliver optimized benefits to all countries. We hope that Thailand will drive the security activities for cloud computing to other ASEAN countries with profound supports from CSA on activities and know-hows.”

Some of the highlighted topics during ‘ASEAN CSA Summit 2013’ include Cloud Security, Challenges in APAC that influence cloud adption, Public Cloud, Cloud for Education, Cloud Businesses Applications of, Cloud for National Crisis Management, etc.


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