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You know the saying, can’t see the forest for the trees? Well, entrepreneurship can turn you into a treehugger very quickly. The trouble is, the forest (a.k.a. the big picture) can often fade to the background.

This is a mistake. By allowing less-important activities — like checking emails and responding to customer queries — to crowd out your larger organizational and business goals, your startup can lose its way. And not only will you feel like you’re constantly chasing your goals, you’ll also be running woefully behind.

Here are six simple approaches that can make a real difference in how much you get done every day:

1. Plan, then attack. When you have so much to do, planning may feel like a waste of time. How can you sit at your desk quietly with an empty piece of paper in front of you when you’re behind on everything? In reality, taking ten to fifteen minutes to plan every morning will save you much more time than you waste. If it’s easier, make a plan for the next day before you stop working the day before. Either way, that list of things to accomplish should be thought out, prioritized and in front of your face each day.

2. Bundle responsibilities. If you can accomplish two things at once, do it. For example, plan the order for any errands to determine the shortest route. Save up all of your financial requirements and go to the bank once a week rather than two or three times. Keep an ongoing list of office supplies and stop at the store when you’re nearby.

3. Use delivery services. FedEx will pick up and deliver. Many office-supply stores offer free delivery with a minimum purchase. Computer troubleshooting firms come to your office for a slightly higher fee. Let other people drive around for you. You have better uses for that time and gas money.

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