In the modern world of Internet connectivity, cloud computing, online banking, social networking, personal privacy and information security is essentially dependent upon password protection.

Passwords are the crucial barrier that safeguards the personal information contained in the perhaps dozens of accounts that we interact with every day from theft and exploitation. In particular, with the advent of cloud computing technology, password security becomes even more important as individuals store more and more information on virtual server networks. Despite the many advantages offered by cloud computing, the system remains vulnerable to security threats. As more people begin to use cloud computing technology, it is likely that criminals will continue to exploit these vulnerabilities in order to steal personal information from poorly protected cloud users. A secure password can mean the difference between a private and secure cloud experience versus losing valuable data and personal information.

Despite the risks of using weak and easily hacked passwords, the average person uses relatively few and simple passwords for multiple web sites and applications. Simply using “password” or “12345” might be easy to remember, but it is also easy for a skilled hacker to guess and thereby access personal information. Taking the time to learn how to create more secure passwords, as well as learning basic guidelines for maintaining that security, can make individuals far less of a target for data thieves and hackers. See the infographic below, provided by, for more information about the history of password usage, the difference between a strong and a weak password, and the dos and don’ts of creating a secure password. These simple steps can help to ensure that your personal information and privacy is well protected while you take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing technology.



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