Startup Asia Singapore 2014 at a glance (INFOGRAPHIC)

We kicked off our signature conference series this year, Startup Asia, with the Singapore edition on May 7 and 8. It was the sixth time we hosted Startup Asia, and the third in Singapore. In two days, hundreds of regional and global attendees flew in to speak at and attend the conference. As with previous Startup Asia conferences, we have prepared an infographic to see at a glance how it went. Big thanks again to Piktochart for their efforts in creating this.
Startup Asia Singapore 2014 at a glance (INFOGRAPHIC)
We had a total of 1,458 attendees at Startup Asia Singapore 2014 – an increase from the 978 who attended the Singapore edition last year. From our experience on-site and from your feedback, we know you thought the venue was too small and the registration process could use improvement. Please accept our deepest apologies – we wanted your day to start off smoothly but we didn’t do a good job at that. We thus owe all 1,458 of you a big thank you for making your way around the conference despite it being overflowing with people.
Apart from that, the other major feedback we got from our survey was that you wanted to attend multiple Market Expansion Tracks but could not as they were held in simultaneous breakout sessions. We’ll take this into account for our future conferences.
Quantitatively, participants at Startup Asia Singapore 2014 rated how much they agreed with the statements, with five being “strongly agree”:
  • average of 3.93 for “Choice of speakers at Startup Asia Singapore is great.”
  • average of 4.04 for “I will recommend my friends to attend Startup Asia.”
  • average of 4.01 for “I’m overall happy with Startup Asia Singapore 2014.”
We appreciate your honest feedback and will strive to continue to improve our Startup Asia conferences.
You can read our entire coverage of Startup Asia Singapore 2014 here. Big congratulations to Bindo for the being the overall winner of Arena! We will also be posting videos of the fireside chats, keynote talks, and Arena pitches soon.
Last but not the least, Startup Asia Singapore 2014 would not have been possible with the great support of our sponsors and partners.
A big thank you to all of you for coming by and do join us at Startup Asia Tokyo on September 3 and 4!

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