Google has unveiled a new tool- Google Web Designer. This tool helps in creating both desktop and mobile application designs of HTML 5. The main purpose of bringing this tool into market appears to be that advertisements of HTML 5 are expected to overtake advertisements of Flash within the coming years, and currently there is not any tool that designers can use, particularly those who doesn’t have technical knowledge of creating different types of designs.
Do you know what Google is bringing into Market It’s Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is available for free; this would probably make this tool first choice for people than Adobe Muse program which has price of $14.99/month.

The Google Web Designer is available for Windows as well as for Mac. In addition to this, it has default layouts for AdMob mobile ads as well as for DoubleClick rich media ads.


The best part about this tool is that although it is a visual tool, still it can also be delved right into the CSS and JavaScript to fine-tune various features of your website.

Beyond any doubt, Web Designer allows you to deploy your code in a built-in editor directly and makes you to have a quick preview of your design creations in all the browsers that are installed on your computer.

Google Web Designer has a pen tool that can be used for making free drawings, and a timeline tool that can be used for managing animations. In addition to this, it also has ability to create 3D content with the help of CSS3. The list not ends here; it has a set of in-built elements for maps, galleries, and embedded videos of YouTube.


For animation, Web designer provides a Quick mode for making scene by scene animations and advanced mode gives designers better control for each of the page element.

It is worth mentioning that projects such as Reflow, Adobe Muse and others have some of the similar features as well. But by making user to get Web Designer for free, Google has put a pressure on its competitors.


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