Singapore, S Korea ahead of HK, Malaysia and Australia in cloud adoption

Singapore and South Korea are currently ahead of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia in their cloud adoption journey, latest survey findings suggested.

Singapore, S Korea ahead of HK, Malaysia and Australia in cloud adoption

While Singapore appears to be the most advanced hybrid cloud adopter in Asia Pacific, South Korea currently leads APAC in private cloud and public cloud adoption.The findings are drawn from the latest EMC Transforming IT Study, which has been, and is still being conducted on EMC Forum attendees (mostly IT decision makers) in 47 cities worldwide.

Elsewhere in Asia, the survey results for Taipei, Tokyo and Mumbai are pending announcement at their respective EMC Forum events, which will occur between this Friday and October 3.

Varying cloud adoption pace

Primarily focusing on the perception of big data and its implementation, the survey also examines the level of IT maturity of major cities in several aspects: cloud adoption, data center automation, virtualization of mission-critical applications, and creation of software defined data center.

About 130 EMC Forum attendees in each surveyed city were asked this question: “Please indicate where you would place your organization on the following ‘IT Transformation’ journey?”

Regarding cloud adoption, South Korea currently leads APAC in private cloud adoption at 42%, followed by Hong Kong (36%), Malaysia (30%) and Australia (26%). Surprisingly, just two percent of the EMC Forum attendees in Singapore said they have “completed” the “step” of private cloud adoption.

Despite lagging far behind in private cloud adoption, hybrid cloud adoption appears to be the most mature in Singapore, with 82% of the Forum attendees in the island state said they have “completed” the “step” of hybrid cloud adoption. Other Asian markets display more modest rates of hybrid cloud adoption: South Korea (32%), Hong Kong (23%), Australia (16%) and Malaysia (12%).

Public cloud adoption has yet to gain significant traction among enterprises in Asia, with no city scoring over 30%. Led by South Korea at 29%, other cities trail further behind in terms of public cloud adoption: Malaysia (25%), Australia (22%), Hong Kong (11%) and Singapore (4%).

Data center automation — perception and actions

The survey also evaluates the readiness of data center automation in Asian enterprises. It found that organizations in Asia were generally supportive of the idea of data center automation, but much progress needs to be made in virtualizing mission-critical applications and creating software-defined data center.

Forum attendees in Malaysia were the most optimistic towards data center automation in the short run, with 89% believing that it is crucial over the next three years. This is closely followed by Singapore (83%), South Korea (78%), Hong Kong (73%) and Australia (72%).

Probably catching many by surprise, 100% of the Forum attendees in Singapore indicated that their organizations have virtualized mission-critical applications. Other markets in Asia took less bold steps in this journey: Malaysia (42%), Australia (38%), Hong Kong (35%) and South Korea (29%).

Finally, concerning one of the hottest trends about software-defined data center, it seems that enterprises in Asia are still evaluating the technologies and the value it brings to the business. At present, South Korea leads Asia in the creation of software defined data centers (25%), followed by Malaysia (16%), Hong Kong (14%), Australia (12%) and Singapore (three percent).

Results of the EMC Forum survey conducted in other Asian markets will be released shortly: Taipei (Sep 13), Tokyo (Sep 18) and Mumbai (Oct 3).


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