Zoho Projects- How it has defeated other Tools of Project Management?

Zoho Projects is an effective tool for online project management.  It is a cloud based project management tool which provides a path for business owners and managers to help them plan monitor and manage business related projects in all of its phases.

If you own a business and looking for an inexpensive tool of project management, then surely Zoho Projects is the best solution for you.

You can easily sign up to Zoho Projects within no time, with no hassle of downloading.

For a single project, Zoho Projects is absolutely free and the price range can increase only to $80/month for unlimited number of projects.

Easy Process of Registration

For Zoho Projects, the process of registration is intuitive and easy. Registration does not need entering personal data and credit card number. The whole process of registration takes not more than 30 seconds. As soon as you get registered, supported language gets set based on the IP address of your computer.

Use of Zoho Projects eliminates the need of creating, planning, managing and monitoring the projects manually. However, as it is a web-based tool, you can access and manage your work easily anywhere and anytime using Zoho’s business apps for iPhone or Android.

Greater Functionality

Zoho Projects provides greater functionality, comprising of milestones and standard tasks with option to set deadlines and priorities. In addition, this application allows you to record your meetings, preview your documents, chat with project members and provide different options for statistics and reporting such as Gantt charts, assigned task’s statistics etc.

Ease of Accessibility

Support for web browser is the best feature of the Zoho Projects. The application of Zoho Projects can be used easily on Opera, Chrome, safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer. Access through smartphones is a built-in feature for this cloud based application.

Affordable price

The most important factor that has made Zoho Projects to successfully defeat other tools of project management is its affordable price.  Zoho offers four annual plans just to meet the requirements of your business.  If you are planning to run a small team for your project, get a free trial of Zoho Projects and get exceptional features such as data storage of 10MB, feeds of project, document sharing, task management etc.

Get a Trial of Zoho Projects for Free

Zoho Projects is a very useful application, providing greater functionality and better integration with other services of web. Primarily, we recommend it for small and medium size organizations that need improved performance/price ratio, complete import facility from other tools of project management, and good integration with Gmail and Google Docs.

Partnership of Zoho and XclueSIV

With an aim to provide our customers with high quality service, XclueSIV has made an alliance partnership with Zoho. In Singapore, Xcluesiv is the first alliance partner of Zoho that provides on-demand affordable collaboration and business productivity applications to small and medium sized companies across the world.

Our cloud specialists are here to guide you how to use Zoho Projects in order to make your team members involved in the project; to plan, collaborate, and get your work done in a fast way.



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