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Once your IT teams have concluded a move to the cloud is the right way to go, next the enterprise faces the challenges of achieving an important set of goals. The migration of enterprise systems is a dilemma many companies struggle with. Cloud migration assistance is now among the leading services emerging from key providers.

Alcatel-Lucent is a prime example. The computer systems giant recently announced OpenTouch Suite for Cloud, a web-based communications suite with conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, and mobile device support tools.

A number of innovations in the cloud market have changed the industry over the past couple of years. From dedicated solutions for migration to cloud service brokerage, enterprise cloud computing is a highly dynamic market. Managers, executives, and IT personnel in your organization need to be on top of the latest solutions in order to get the most out of any cloud implementation.

Getting to the Cloud and Collaborating

The OpenTouch solution provides a multifaceted approach to communication. It fosters collaboration across multiple parties and devices plus supports all kinds of multimedia. In addition, it is ideal for integration in networks where smartphones and tablets are widely used. The system also integrates unified communications services with a variety of business processes and even third-party applications your departments rely on. This means less work for technicians in linking up different systems. Everything is included in one comprehensive service.

OpenTouch Enteprise Cloud is significant to the enterprise and service providers, partners, and system integrators. A virtualized model now makes it suitable for use in any data center. Whether you operate the system directly as part of the enterprise or work with a service provider that has integrated it, Alcatel-Lucent’s solution has a profound effect on your organization’s cloud implementation decisions and processes.

OpenTouch Joins a Long Line of Cloud Solutions

The company is not the first to offer a set of solutions for cloud migration. Collaborative Cloud™ from Avaya provides a software-as-a-service solution for unified communications, contact center operations, and more. Outsourced infrastructure plays a key role in the cloud, but there are also new computer-based systems such as Nebula One, developed by a former NASA engineer. Enterprises have full control over their cloud with this product.

Leading vendors such as ShoreTel and Cisco have expanded their service-oriented approach for cloud solutions. For the end user, this gives the enterprise a wide choice of options intended to make cloud migration easier. The process is indeed less complicated than it has been in the past. Comprehensive solutions abound; the main question is whether the provider offers everything you need. Outsourcing infrastructure is still a big decision and requires thoughtful consideration before doing anything. A look at features is only a small part of detailed research and an analysis of the Service Level Agreement. Once there has been due-diligence on a multi-departmental scale, only then should the green light be put on the initiatives to begin cloud migration.


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