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A recent study by market intelligence firm IDC shows that about 1.7 million cloud computing jobs could not be filled due to lack of training and certification as well as experience. Businesses are moving to the cloud at an exponentially accelerating rate. Various surveys of IT executives shows that 50% consider cloud a ‘high’ to ‘very high’ priority, and 67% are either planning to or are already using cloud computing, and 75% are concerned about security, access and data control.

The majority of IT jobs require cloud-related skills. 26% annual growth in the demand for cloud related positions through 2015, and 92% show a higher demand for cloud related skills versus a year ago.  IT jobs require ‘cloud-ready’ professionals. Millions of jobs have gone unfilled due to lack of training and certification and this number is expected to increase. 57% of hiring managers are concerned about current staff’s cloud-related skills, and 61% are concerned about the availability of skills in the job marketplace. A recent salary report from Global Knowledge shows that the top training needs for 2013 are Cloud and Virtualization.

The cloud skills gap needs to be addressed. Today. The Cloud Credential Council has developed the basis for Cloud Essentials and Virtualization Essentials training courses leading to the CCC Cloud Technology Associate certificate. In June 2013 the Professional level cloud courses and certifications are available in the domains of Cloud Administrator, -Developer, -Security/Governance, – Service Manager,-Solutions Architect. In addition development is starting in May 2013 on Cloud Forensics targeting amongst others law enforcement officials.


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