Organisations today need a public cloud environment with greater computing bandwidth and scalability to accommodate data-driven workloads and the increased amounts of information being generated.

As a part of the HP Converged Cloud portfolio, new HP Cloud Services capabilities include larger compute instances, virtual private cloud enhancements, improved image management and faster bulk data import. These enhancements are designed to simplify the development and deployment of applications in the cloud. They also will help organisations of all sizes to better manage data influx and transition to the cloud faster.

“With the explosion of Big Data, organisations are looking for ways to capitalise on the cloud to manage their information-heavy workloads,” said V Ramachandran, Country Manager, Converged Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions, Cloud Systems, HP India. “Today’s additions to the HP public cloud portfolio make it easier for users to build applications with massive data requirements and streamlines running them in the public cloud.”

New HP Cloud Services enhancements include access to new larger instance types enables users to run big data, analytics and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads in the public cloud. Users will now have access to instances with up to 120 GB of RAM and up to 16 virtual cores, creating a public cloud environment that is capable of handling even the most demanding enterprise workloads. In addition, the new instance types provide users with the flexibility to choose the virtual machine size that best fits their application’s needs.

New virtual private cloud functionality (VPC) provides users with advanced security in the public cloud by enabling them to create their own isolated virtual network within HP Cloud Compute. Powered by a software-defined networking (SDN) stack, the new networking capabilities service allows users to select whether or not their instances, placed on their public cloud networks, are also accessible from the internet. This network isolation offers an additional layer of security to cloud deployments. Users also can connect their public cloud network to their on-premises network, making private and public infrastructures appear as one connected system.

It increases productivity by offering simplified setup and deployment of new instances. Users can now create their own images outside of the HP Cloud and upload them to the HP Cloud Image Management Service to use as a starting point for creating new instances. HP Cloud Services also provides a wide variety of preconfigured images and users can also create images from their running instances to produce new ones.

A new bulk import service reduces the time to market for applications requiring existing data by allowing users to quickly and easily load their data into HP Cloud Block Storage or HP Cloud Object Storage. The new service removes the time-consuming process of transferring large amounts of information over the internet and allows users to provide hard drives directly to HP’s datacentres where their data can be rapidly transferred.


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