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When it comes to the future of technology, cloud computing is seeing a massive growth for many reasons. Most individuals and companies that have adopted cloud services are reporting positive experiences and results, which are helping this area to grow at a fast rate. Over the next four years, it is expected that spending for public IT cloud computing services will near $100 billion.

The annual growth rate is expected to be 26.4 per cent, which is five times that of the traditional growth of the IT industry. More and more leaders in business are shifting to using cloud services over other IT applications.

Transformation in Progress
Currently, the IT industry is undergoing a major transformation period. Many companies are now investing in new technology that will help drive the innovation and growth over the next two or three decades. By the time this decade is over, it is anticipated that nearly 80 per cent of the growth within the IT industry, as well as the highest gain in value overall in business technology will be from cloud services along with other types of third platform technologies.

There are five key categories where cloud services will account for the growth in the IT industry being basic storage, servers, PaaS, infrastructure software and applications. Cloud computing will generate nearly 41 per cent of all the growth in these categories by the year 2016. The largest share of growth in cloud computing will come in the form of software being used as a service.

Both PaaS and basic storage are going to show a fast rate of growth over the next two years with rapid deployments in these categories being critical in maintaining the momentum of growth in cloud computing.

Areas of Focus
According to assessments done by the International Data Corporation, the United States is going to remain the largest market for cloud services. The Asia Pacific area, not including Japan, and Western Europe are the next biggest markets for cloud computing.

However, the fastest rate of growth for public IT services is going to be in the markets that are emerging. These markets are going to double their current collective share by the year 2016 and will then account for nearly 30 per cent of the spending growth for new public IT cloud computing.

Cloud computing services are defined as services that are designed for and offered commercially to marketplaces that are unrestricted. The forecast that has been provided by the IDC does not account for the revenue that will be spent for private cloud computing services.

Private clouds allow consumers to have the ability to specify the amount of access as well as the levels of resource dedication, which is more than what is now available through public cloud services. It is expected that these clouds will continue to grow and will incorporate these same capabilities, such as the availability and the security aspects.

Expect to see cloud computing to become a part of everyday life within the next few years as this technology is continuing to grow at an exponential rate and is not going to go anywhere.


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