Operator mistakes can increase cloud computing expenses

Ceilidh Robertson| Krollontrack

Mistakes by workers can significantly increase the costs of cloud computing, one expert has warned. Speaking to Search Cloud Computing, IT expert Jared Reimer explained that managers often believe that cloud knowledge can be easily applied to virtualisation, or vice-versa.

“There’s just this kind of dismissive [attitude]: ‘Well, they’re close enough. This person’s smart, so he or she will pick it up very quickly,’ but I think that’s inaccurate,” he went on to say.

Due to this approach, he warned that the costs of retooling monitoring software and training staff tend to be ignored until it is too late.

Attempts to translate server virtualisation training into cloud computing experience can lead to data being configured incorrectly, resulting in a costly monthly bill.

Businesses should also introduce data recovery plans to ensure that information can be easily restored in the event of it going missing.

With the growth of virtualisation, performing and maintaining data backups can become more complex. It can help to engage the experts in virtualisation & tape archive management at Kroll Ontrack to ensure data arching is effective and cost-effective.


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