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Handle the hybrid cloud with care, but get to grips with it quickly to make sure you don’t miss out. That’s according to a survey from SAP of 52 CIOs in conjunction with Wakefield Research, which comes to the conclusion that hybrid has various advantages, which even non-hybrid users can appreciate.

It’s perhaps not a surprise that SAP would be advocating this line; when CloudTech was present at its UK & Ireland Forum earlier this month, this was the underlying takeaway. Indeed, VP cloud systems Sven Denecken told CloudTech that “the right mix of cloud solutions…private cloud and on-premise” were the way forward, although he admitted he preferred the term ‘interoperable’.

Yet the research statistics were certainly of intrigue:

  • Three quarters of hybrid cloud users feel that their IT processes are less complex having moved to hybrid
  • Half of non-hybrid cloud users admit that cloud and hybrid cloud are better than on-premise for business requirements
  • Three in four CIOs of non-hybrid systems experience “institutional” resistance towards implementing hybrid solutions

Yet it wasn’t a one way street – for more than half (52%) of respondents, on-premise remains more secure than hybrid. This, on the face of it, seems to be an understandable concern – but as Denecken explained, like it or not, on-premise isn’t going away.

“Simply put, CIOs express the need to have every nitty-gritty data security detail spelled out at project start,” the report notes.

But how long does hybrid adoption take? For more than a quarter of respondents, integrating hybrid cloud services has run behind schedule. The reasons for this are primarily down to flawed planning. “Requirements for migration to the cloud need to be defined,” the report advocates. “Internal staff and vendors must understand exactly what to do when confronted with technical problems.”

This leads, therefore, to the conclusion that for hybrid cloud service providers, it’s a different ball game: “The vendor must understand an organisation’s environment and goals.”


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