Its evolution has brought data centre and supporting technology to a whole new level. Cloud computing is not just a tendency any more. It has made it’s way from discovery to becoming an essential part of the business strategy of many organizations.

And choosing the right approach means thinking about the future of this strategy. That’s why it’s important to know the advantages of the cloud platform models. Recently, the hybrid cloud environment has been in the spotlight of discussion. Is it indeed the future of data storage? Most likely.

Cloud computing gives access to power to operate and store huge amounts of data. While the private cloud model allows organizations to host their data which is managed by the internal IT team and the public cloud works with outside providers, the hybrid cloud combines both of them. It’s the sign of evolution of cloud computing. With the improvement of computing industry grows the need to connect hybrid clouds from a distance. Hybrid cloud storage combines the advantages of both a private and a public environment. It contains at least one private and one public cloud infrastructure. Computing becomes much more flexible with the opportunity to control cloud providers partially or fully. The hybrid cloud environment also offers the chance for organizations to offload resources at moments of high usage and use them only when they need them. This means that the hybrid cloud is perfect for those who want to keep their cloud environment private but also use parts of the public cloud. It’s also a good choice for organizations which require an environment that offers cost control and flexibility.


Many companies are certain that the hybrid cloud is the future. Instead of the hybrid cloud assisting the public cloud, it’s the other way around – the public cloud assisted in the progress of the hybrid cloud. About sixty per cent of users say that a hybrid cloud is the peak of their cloud process and certainly the future. It offers the freedom to control it whenever, wherever and however you want. There are many reasons why the hybrid cloud is the best choice. Gradual cloud adoption is one of them. Using a cloud properly requires the knowledge of special terminology and writing codes. Hybrid cloud allows users to use existing applications and later move the wanted elements to a public cloud when needed.

A big advantage hybrid cloud has is the fact it gives the chance to organizations with more conservative approach to technology to carefully explore it at low cost and without risks. Virtualization is constantly upgrading. There is a common discernment that changing from a physical to a virtual server can decrease costs, and it is so in many cases. Planned accurately, a hybrid environment can lower costs significantly, without intimidating security or performance.

Being familiar with the advantages of a private and a public cloud, a hybrid cloud is the one that combines the best of both worlds. 2013 being a year of many companies looking for the service of hybrid cloud, by 2014 there will be very few private clouds that do not have a public element too, in other words – a hybrid.


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