High Demand of AWS C3 Instances Posing Serious Overload Impact on Cloud Computing Resources

Maria Dehn| Greatresponder

The Amazon web services announced its cutting edge cloud computing instances C3 backed by SSD storage and premium processors a few weeks back. It is seeing an unprecedented demand across all domains and regions, which is exerting a heavy pressure on the available cloud resources of the service.

Greatresponder.com – This was informed through a blog post by Jeff Barr an official of the AWS cloud computing services associated with the recently announced cutting edge instances called C3. He writes in his blog that since its launch, C3 instances have been seeing amazingly high demand for modern cloud servers, which are backed by the modern solid state disk SSD storage and premium processors 2.8 GHz Intel E5-2680 v2 ‘Ivy Bridge’ and other latest technologies. This unprecedented demand is putting extra pressure on the existing resources available for this service – sometimes, they are proving to be insufficient to the demands of the customers across all regions.

It was further informed that AWS is working on war footing basis to enhance its cloud computing resources to fulfill this huge demand. It was informed that AWS is trying to manage the resources in-house, which is not a good news for vendors like Dell and HP. Jeff wrote in his blog, “In the face of this growth, we have enlarged, accelerated, and expedited our orders for additional capacity across all Regions.  We are working non-stop to get it in-house, and hope to be back to more normal levels of capacity in the next couple of weeks”.

There is huge growth in demand of C3 instances, which is not just a small percentage difference than anticipated demand but it is amazingly much higher than anticipated demand.

Analysts see a new development in the domain of cloud computing business where Google has already announced that it will design and develop its own servers – Facebook is also to follow the same path. And now, the Amazon web services AWS is opting for developing the servers in-house. This trend has made cloud computing business more and more competitive for large organizations such as – Google, AWS and other – but the same time, it may not be a good news for small and medium sized operators of cloud based services in this fiercely competitive marketplace.

A couple of days back, there was also a rumor in the market that Google is mulling over developing own custom chips.


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