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The landscape of the web is endless, which is one of the amazing things about the new age we live in. New technologies are regularly being introduced and just as people begin using them in their everyday lives, something else is invented that trumps them. One of the newest trends to sweep the web and the business that’s done on it is cloud computing.

This technology allows companies to transfer and save large files in a cloud, or a third-party server that they rent for a set amount of time per month or year. They can also transfer data through this cloud from one company to another, which previously was much more difficult and required a hard drive or a special connection between the two businesses. However, BitTorrent, developer of a popular online file-sharing tool, has just come up with a new way to transfer these massive files directly from computer to computer without having to rely on these third-party cloud systems.

To improve speed and productivity, the cloud is the limit

However, this new technology from BitTorrent may not actually be used in the marketplace, making it a new technology that won’t yet effect the cloud business. According to, the cloud industry, has a lot of software and tools that can easily improve speed and productivity of a company in multiple locations, or companies that are transferring huge files between one location and the other. There’s also a tremendous amount of security built into a cloud, protecting files from being stolen over time. This is something that’s not provided through the new time-saving BitTorrent technology.

As cloud computing is becoming even more common these days, there are some companies that are building their own cloud systems for their companies. This allows certain industries who need more control over their databases and added security to have cloud systems on the premises, meaning they essentially would not need a third-party cloud provider as they would have their own. Of course, a company will have to be able to pay for something because this is becoming more affordable these days.

Cloudability and AtomSphere give users a financial management tool

There are also advances in high-tech tools, which allows IT departments to have an easier time managing all the data that is flowing through the cloud on a regular basis and free up more time for these IT employees to make the system better overall. Some of the newest cloud tools are Cloudability, which is a financial management tool which monitors and analyzes all cloud expenses across an entire organization. It then filters all of this information down into simple reports. AtomSphere is another one of these cloud tools that easily integrates cloud-based applications with on-premise applications. This makes it easier for a company with a cloud server to be in sync with the programs its employees are already using.

The employee-office conundrums

Cloud technology has even been able to help with the employee and office conundrums, like trying to lock down conference rooms or sign for packages in the daily office environment. Hackspace is a platform that allows employees to keep track of everything that goes on in the office itself, so it’s all clearly laid out and managed through the cloud for everyone to view. Now you’ll never get your signals crossed about who has the conference room again.


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