CenturyLink Cloud in Asia Pacific. The public cloud platform – available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, and now through one of CenturyLink’s data centers in Singapore – delivers enterprise-class control, agility, scalability and security backed by an industry-leading global network.

CenturyLink expands its public cloud platform to Asia-Pacific region

With the expansion of the public cloud platform to Singapore, businesses in the Asia-Pacific region can turn to a single, trusted provider for public and private cloud infrastructure, managed services, colocation, networking and support for advanced hybrid scenarios.

“The launch of a CenturyLink Cloud node in Singapore further enhances our position as a leading managed hybrid IT provider for businesses with operations in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Gery Messer, CenturyLink managing director, Asia Pacific. “We continue to invest in the high-growth Asia-Pacific region to meet increasing customer demand. With a deep product portfolio across infrastructure, applications, services and geographies, CenturyLink optimizes complete solutions for customers, while offering a single point of accountability.”

Analysis by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan shows that enterprises across the Asia-Pacific region spent almost US$6.6 billion on public cloud services in 2014, an increase of 38 percent from 2013. The firm predicts that cloud spending will exceed US$20 billion in 2018, driven by factors such as an increasing openness to outsource workloads to cloud, greater collaboration between business and technology decision makers in the procurement of IT, and the availability of more mature cloud offerings in the market.

CenturyLink recently expanded its managed hosting services into China and made its new Private Cloud service available in all 58 of its global data centers. The company also earned industry analyst recognition for its Asia-Pacific cloud-enabled managed hosting capabilities, and received a Brill Award from the Uptime Institute for Asia-Pacific data centers facilities management. CenturyLink will be the first company to be evaluated and awarded at the global portfolio level for Management & Operations certification by the Uptime Institute.

“CenturyLink has established itself as a leading global managed data center services provider and has been rapidly expanding its capabilities in the cloud computing space. It has established a strong managed hybrid IT portfolio to carve out solutions that meet the unique needs of enterprises that are in different phases of their hybrid IT journey,” said Mayank Kapoor, research manager at Frost & Sullivan. “CenturyLink Cloud offers flexibility and agility to enterprises across a broad range of workloads, from mission-critical business applications to application development and testing.”

CenturyLink’s Asia-Pacific operations date back to 1999, and the company launched its first virtualized service in the region in 2007. “We plan to explore additional international expansions and product launches in Asia Pacific in 2015,” Messer said.

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