Awesome Cloud Services Announces Cloud Computing Case Study


Awesome Cloud Services has announced the results of a recent case study with technology provider BCG Systems who partnered with Awesome Cloud Services to provide a comprehensive cloud-based solution to one of BCG Systems’ Georgia-based clients, thus enabling the client to become a more agile organization.

Like many small to medium-sized businesses, BCG Systems’ client had no onsite IT team. BCG Systems turned to Awesome Cloud Services to provide a comprehensive cloud-based solution that included day-to-day production through cloud servers and a business-continuity deployment. In partnering with Awesome Cloud Services, BCG Systems was able to deliver an all-inclusive cloud solution that enabled their client to reduce expenses and focus more of their time on running their business, delivering them not only on-demand access, but piece of mind as well.

BCG Systems was able to provide their client with various benefits that come from utilizing cloud services, including reduced capital expenditures, increased business agility, improvements in performance and on-demand access to their system.

About Awesome Cloud Services:
Awesome Cloud Services is a cloud services provider that works exclusively with technology providers, enabling them to provide their clients with white label cloud services. Awesome Cloud Services provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, as well as Software Licensing (SaaS).


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