Usually visitors stay on a webpage for no more than two minutes. There are numerous features in a website that can make a visitor stay for more than two minutes on your website. If you are wondering what those features are then keep on scrolling your mouse and read the valuable information that we have brought for you.
Visitor is Impatient- How to make him stay on your Website

First impression is actually the last impression for an impatient visitor

A great web design can give a wonderful impression to your site visitor. If your brand is customer service oriented but not providing an appealingly pleasing website to its site visitors, then you are making them to not stay more than two minutes.

There are numerous factors that can add to poor layouts of a web design, a few of the main factors include lack of resources and priorities.

The technology of internet can provide you with different methods of creating an effective design; still you need to examine the basic skills of your web designers as mostly they do not go with the latest trends and follow the advice of web experts. This approach does not work well with all the web designs.

Impatient visitor wants to know quickly about your industry

For an appealing design of your website, match your design with your business industry as well as with your brand.

To give an appealing look to your web design, provide professional images, solid colors, clear fonts and structured content.

Be Straightforward

Remember that a visitor has visited your site for a reason. Try to provide him a hassle-free path by not asking him for his personal details. If you add login feature in your website, you are likely to lose your potential client. Navigation of your website must be easy to find, simple and structured.

Visitors are impatient and spoiled. They just want to know what your brand is, what services you provide, and who your partners are.

Embrace Heat Maps

Attract visitors through heat maps. Heat maps can expose the spots on your web pages. Try to adopt advanced methods of tracking heat maps like movement of mouse by site visitors, providing wonderful insight for the visitor.


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