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IBM works with Industry partners like  ConnectEDU  in the education space to deploy reporting, visualization BI and predictive anayltics solutions to solve real world problems by leveraging IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS.  ConnectEDU has deployed Cognos and SPSS into their Education Cloud infrastructure enabling them to solve problems like creating early-warning systems for at-risk students using predictive analytics to identify those in need of intervention and support.

  1. Birst

Birst delivers business analytics in the Cloud or on premise via an appliance which can be installed behind a corporate firewall. It includes BI and analytics components such as interactive dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and visualization to pixel-perfect report writing. In september 2012, Birst received the highest score in the Wisdom of Crowds Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study, that make it the top-rated Cloud BI vendor over peer providers.

  1. Indicee

Indicee is a full BI Platform that provides APIs businesses can use to  embed powerful reporting into their own application or extend Indicee’s capabilities to create BI models, reports and dashboards. It can handle multiple types of data and integrat with ERP applications. Indicee can merge data from different business systems, reports and spreadsheets, enabling businesses to efficiently analyze and share that data to improve the decision making processes.

  1. GoodData

GoodData provides a cloud-based platform to do analytics on applications such as Salesforce.com, Netsuite and Zendesk. Its features enable more than 6,000 global businesses to monetize big data. With a set of new business-specific offerings, GoodData users can connect their various data sources to the GoodData service and receive valuable analytics in return.

  1. SAP BI OnDemand

SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand is a comprehensive BI solution in a software-as-a-service model that lets businesses explore, report on, and share business data. Its intuitive interface allows spreadsheets upload, bringing in different data sources, and share information online.

  1. Pivot Link

PivotLink also uses in-memory analytics to analyze big data. PivotLink specializes in consumer marketing optimization applications, serving the retail and retail-related industry. Its on-demand analytic solutions aim to give businesses comprehensive view of omni-channel consumer behavior, customer segment performance, marketing program effectiveness and marketing portfolio attribution.

If you decided to implement a cloud-based BI solution, be sure to carefully consider your business requirements and choose the provider that best meets them.


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