Cloud computing market sees tough competition


Cloud computing is a new Internet-based model for IT service distribution and use, with supply of resources often virtualized as an Internet service. Nguyen Van Hien, general director of iNet Solutions, said the time was now ripe for cloud-based services and solutions. In the current gloomy economic situation, technology solutions that help cut costs will surely attract the attention of enterprises.

“This market segment is witnessing a very fierce competition since most IT firms have provided cloud-based solutions,” he said.

Ha Than, general director of Lac Viet Computing Corp., said: “Since 2010, Lac Viet has planned to put some products on the cloud for supply to enterprises and organizations.”

Last Friday, Lac Viet introduced its software based on cloud computing, including SureERP for resource planning, SureHCS for human resource management and SureRMS for retail chain management.

Years ago, it was very hard for small and medium enterprises to acquire corporate governance solutions, especially enterprise resource planning (ERP), due to the high cost. Now, with SureERP of Lac Viet, enterprises do not have to spend on infrastructure, management and software update, so they considerably reduce cost, said Than.

Earlier, on April 6, Fast Software Company launched its cloud-based accounting software Fast Accounting Online (FAO). Users can access to FAO by their phones or computers with no need for download and installation.

Phan Quoc Khanh, director of Fast Software Company, said users do not need to pay for the complete software package, but they will pay every time they use it or on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

“Total spending on FAO in a year is only one quarter of the cost of using the complete software package consisting of infrastructure, maintenance and operating personnel,” he said.

Cloud-based products supplied by local IT companies are for diverse purposes, from accounting, human resource management, office management, resource planning and virtual server leasing.


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