Google is developing High-Tech Glasses in a Terminator-Style. These HUD (Head Up Display) glasses look like the Oakley Thumps (picture below).

“Our tipster has now seen a prototype and said it looks something like Oakley Thumps (below). These glasses, we heard, have a front-facing camera used to gather information and could aid in augmented reality apps. It will also take pictures. The spied prototype has a flash —perhaps for help at night, or maybe it is just a way to take better photos. The camera is extremely small and likely only a few megapixels. […] I/O on the glasses will also include voice input and output, and we are told the CPU/RAM/storage hardware is near the equivalent of a generation-old Android smartphone. […] It is currently a secret with only a few geeky types knowing about it, and Google is apparently unsure if it will have mass-market appeal. Therefore, the company is considering making this a pilot program, somewhat like the Cr-48 Chromebooks last year.”

According to 9to5google, this gadget will have a 1 Ghz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 8 GB memory, WiFi and 3G.

If you want to navigate or click, just move the head… Hmm, it will be a little crazy in town ^^

May be this is a new technology that directly comes from the Google X/Solve for X Project ?



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