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Mr. Danish Thanvi
CEO & President

Xcluesiv Cloud Technology Pte Ltd Thank you for joining us today, Danish. Before we drill down into Xcluesiv’s capabilities, solutions and recent developments; please tell us about your background and give us a brief of company history.

Danish Thanvi:  First, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you today. With more than a decade of management experience in working with some of the top risk management and technology companies in Asia, I have been involved in dynamic and versatile assignments that really helped me to understand the importance and utilization of technology in the Asian security industry. I have been involved in complex digital forensic investigations in Hong Kong, handled large immigration screening projects for various government authorities in Middle East, and have provided technology support to some of the largest risk management firms in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai. I have also established a Cloud based Technology Company in Singapore about two years ago that provides cost effective and innovative technology solutions to some risk management firms and SMBs in Singapore.

SecuritySolutionsWatch: One will read on that, “We help small business to run their processes in clouds efficiently and cost effectively.” With everything moving to the cloud, this is a major market opportunity for your company. Please give us an overview of the solutions and support that Xcluesiv delivers.

Danish Thanvi: My company Xcluesiv is the Alliance partner of and Google Apps in Singapore. Both of them are world leaders in Cloud-Based Solutions, so Xcluesiv provides a perfect combination of 360 degree solution for small and midsize businesses to quickly adopt integrated cloud based ERP tools (CRM, HRM, recruitment, accounting, collaboration etc) and thus save a lot of money and time.  These solutions are secure and redundant, accessible from anywhere and from any device; this enhances the business potential tremendously. Interestingly, the Singapore government is aggressively pushing for the adoption and deployment of cloud services in the country. For instance, expenditures incurred on cloud computing services qualify for enhanced deduction under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) provision; this is essentially a 400% tax deduction on the amount spent on various purchases and training activities. This is a huge incentive for local businesses, that’s why the cloud services are really booming in this region, and this is the right time for my company to meet the demands and deliver unique combination of the world’s best cloud based business solutions in Singapore. ID Theft, Fraud, and cybercrime seem to be front page news for every day of the week. We understand that Xcluesiv’s positioning is particularly strong in the Risk Management Industry in Asia. Please tell us about your unique capabilities and strengths in the Risk Management and Background Screening market.

Danish Thanvi: The Asian Risk Management and Background Screening market is expanding at high pace due to the growing economic activities in this region.  To meet the new challenges, new trends are being set. Now, technology has finally got the attention of this industry and all the big and small players are becoming more organized and productive by the use of latest web and mobile technologies. I have been working as the strategic partner of some of the largest Due Diligence and Background Screening providers and helping them to automate their end to end business processes and workflows using web and mobile technologies. I also assisted the Management of those companies in the development of their online product strategies and for reaching wider audience using Internet and Social media tools. I have been a part of an executive team that has developed world’s largest anti-corruption database-, which provides technology based ethics and compliance solutions to the Fortune 500 companies globally. Any other key target markets?

Danish Thanvi: When I started Xcluesiv in Singapore, I realized that Singapore government is giving special importance and value to the role of entrepreneurship as a tool of Economic Policy in unlocking the growth potential of the country.  This is resulting in a growing number of young entrepreneurs starting new ventures every day. Now this activity is creating lots of opportunities for businesses like mine, that can offer investment-less IT infrastructure and business automation tools. I used the word “investment-less” because literally there is not any investment requirement for getting a business up and running under the cloud. All they have to pay is a small monthly fee without any long term commitment.  The best part is that these cloud tools that we offer meet all the industry compliance and security standards so there is no need to worry about data loss or unavailability of services. Currently, I am providing such solutions to food, retail, non-profit and consulting markets, mainly automation of their sales and marketing cycles.  Recently we have also deployed recruitment and people management tools in the HR department of an emerging financial institute based in Singapore. Are there any success stories or “wins” you would like to discuss?

Danish Thanvi: Though I have helped some of the largest due diligence and background screening firms in establishing their IT infrastructure, but I would like to specifically mention some projects as special wins for us. Starting with which is the world’s largest database for anti-corruption and compliance professionals in every industry, helping their audience with trending, training, research, monitoring, and more. For the, we developed a complete system where thousands of compliance and anti-corruption records are managed online. In this system, hundreds of new records are added and searched by subscribers every month.

In a similar manner, we worked for which is a global database of international criminality & regulatory information. It has millions of records sourced from government, court and other data sources. We developed a complete database and search portal in an easy to use dashboard environment and completely changed the entire application and converted the business model in an online e-commerce integrated with many third party databases, making it a one source for international criminality database check with over 300 million records.

It’s also worth mentioning an automation we have done for Ethics360 which is a reputable Due Diligence firm in APAC. We have automated their entire workflow to manage day to day work done by their research teams around the world. This automation really helped executive team to effectively manage entire due diligence process starting from client ordering, case assignment, task distribution, teams management with all the approval cycles and dashboard reporting. System developed by us replaced their manual report writing process thus saving huge amount of time for the entire team to close a case faster and without any error. Congratulations on being selected as one of the few Google Apps Reseller Partners in Singapore. Please tell us more about Google Apps For Business.

Danish Thanvi: Google Apps for Business helps companies “discover a better way of working” through their cloud based services. If you have yet to experience Google Apps, it can make a tremendous difference to how you think about collaborative working. Companies should consider Google Apps if they want to stay competitive and leverage the cloud in order to move their business process away from local servers that run legacy software. Over 5 million businesses have already switched to Google Apps for Business to save time, money and labour while enjoying constant enterprise innovation. For example, they can save approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the legacy’s solutions cost including Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. I’m not aware of any business platform that works better, continues to improve at such a fast pace, has better support, or has a better uptime record. I think last year’s uptime was around 99.983%.  The biggest risk is when anything goes wrong due to insufficient planning and change management.
As the first Alliance Partner of Zoho in Singapore, the Xcluesiv’s relationship with Zoho is also quite impressive.  Please tell us more about the Zoho relationship and the various applications of Zoho such as Zoho HRM Apps, CRM,Campaigns, Projects, and Reports.

Danish Thanvi:  Zoho is bringing together a wide range of online applications making it easier for individuals and businesses to manage all their work while dramatically reducing the cost. Applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, Virtual Meetings, People management, etc, which integrate with other products to provide a seamless and cost effective solution. My company Xcluesiv has been the Alliance partner of Zoho in Singapore since 2012. So far, is the only partner of Zoho in Singapore, that provides customization, integration, deployment and training of the various Zoho services and innovates on new ways of getting things done. Our clients, who are working online not only find Zoho more rewarding and collaborative, but also more enjoyable due to its intuitive and user friendly design.
Thanks again for joining us today, Danish. Are there any other subjects you would like to discuss?

Danish Thanvi:  Many people ask us questions about the security and privacy of the cloud computing. Your data over cloud or at our own premises is something like your money saved in the bank account or in your home locker. You trust your bank and that is why you put your money in the bank account without concerning about security as you know that your bank is being regulated by the Government. Similar is the case with the cloud, data centers over the cloud are regulated by Government, and cloud companies go through intensive auditing by third parties and need to strictly comply with policies and standards of certifications such as SAS 70,  SSAE 16, and SOC. Zoho and Google data security and privacy is up to the mark which is continuously monitored and upgraded, guarantees exceptional security for the users round the clock.

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