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‘Amazon Web Services AWS has announced a very courageous step towards offering the latest virtual desktop services to its customer base.

In a statement, AWS announced that ‘WorkSpaces’ would be very useful services for all types of businesses and corporations to reduce their capital as well as operational cost by cutting these costs to almost zero. Now, the companies can purchase high performance, secure and fully managed virtual desktops without any upfront cost. This is a very courageous step of AWS to flex its muscles in the cloud computing industry. The company has also announced that the service will be available at as low as half of the traditional VDI solutions offered in the marketplace.

The general manager of AWS WorkSpaces Mr. Gene Farrell said, in his statement “The majority of the queries from our customers during the near past were about the provision of virtual desktop services; and, we would be very frustrated for not being able to provide that service with very limited options in our hand”. He further said that “Now our customers can access their documents, multimedia and other stuff from our high performance virtual desktop infrastructure at very competitive rates.”

It is further elaborated – in the statement – that the WorkSpaces VDI solution is comprehensive and industry grade one, which saves the customers a huge amount of capital by eliminating the upfront and maintenance cost. This service provides industry grade security and fully managed service with all required resources such as storage, compute, and software applications required for day to day tasks and assignments.

Although the virtual desktop is not a very new portfolio – there are a few operators such as OnLine and MainFrame2, which are offering VD service. But these companies have very limited market power as well as the reach-out to the customers, on the other hand, AWS owns much more market power as compared to those competitors in the market.

The Amazon Web Services Company is very much optimistic about its WorkSpaces service portfolio and believes that it will address many cost related issues of its valued customers in this very competitive marketplace.


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