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There has been a shift in technology where cloud computing and the emphasis around WAN technologies has skyrocketed. There are more users, more devices and a lot more data for organization to utilize and try to manage. Now, many companies are moving towards some type of cloud computing model to help them achieve their business goals.

Why is this important? According to HP’s whitepaper on the CloudSystem, cloud computing is a key component of an organization’s ability to gain unencumbered access to information technology—to access “Infrastructure Anywhere, Applications Anywhere, Information Anywhere, or better said: Services Anywhere.”

In order to deliver on the “Services Anywhere” promise, organizations will have to think differently about IT and how cloud computing plays a direct role. The key will be understanding the unique requirements of each service, such as availability, cost, performance, and regulatory needs, then address them in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

When designing a cloud environment, building around adaptability and expansion are key concerns. As HP outlines in this whitepaper, CloudSystem is an integrated system that unifies the control and delivery of cloud services, whether their provenance is your data center, or an external source such as HP Cloud Services or Amazon Web Services. With HP CloudSystem, you get a secure, scalable cloud solution that includes:

  • A complete, integrated system to build and manage cloud services
  • Single services view across private, public, and hybrid cloud
  • Multi-hypervisor, multi-OS, heterogeneous infrastructure
  • Intelligent automation and lifecycle management; infrastructure-to-application
  • Broker service delivery across multiple clouds from a single, integrated point of control
  • Scalability and elasticity
  • Prepackaged service design tools

In this white paper you will learn that, as a part of the HP Converged Cloud architecture, clients have a simplified, integrated platform that is easier to manage and provides flexibility and portability between private, public, and managed clouds. Download this white paper to see how HP’s Cloud system and Converged Infrastructure can help you deliver a more power cloud computing environment.


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