The world changes at immense speed. People are now living in the Information Age where prompt advertising and marketing decisions are needed.

With the Internet’s continuous influence on various industries, major Search Engines are evolving and organizations are involving in search engine optimization (SEO). Analysts saw the advantages that the World Wide Web can offer in marketing companies and its products that paved way in searching for new strategies to utilize this online platform.

Digital marketing is a new way to promote products and services using Internet, mobile and other interactive channels. Though it does not include traditional media, it uses digital distribution channels to reach clients in a personal, timely and cost-effective manner. Since Digital marketing happens online, the company can see the status of the marketing campaign in real-time. The reporting engine also provides the traffic such as what is being viewed, how often, responses and other actions made in the content.

Furthermore, it has two different forms – Pull Digital Marketing and Push Digital Marketing. For example, a company will be releasing a new product or service. They will need to “pull” the prospective clients into their business. To do so, they can publish the details of this product or service on their company website, blog or video streaming media that only requires the customer to click on a URL to view the content.

But gaining more or attracting customers to view the content is very important. Here, both the company and prospective client are involved. By simply sending emails or text messages to various recipients, a company is able to “push” the information to a higher level. Whether the messages sent were opened, read or deleted, customer-related information can still be traced and reported. Other ways used nowadays are digital banners and pay per click.

Both these digital marketing forms have its advantage and can be used depending on budget and the target. As a matter of fact, billions of dollars spent on traditional media have shifted on doing marketing campaigns online. According to UN’s International Telecommunications Union, in 2000 there were only 500 million mobile subscriptions and 250 million Internet users globally. But beginning 2011, numbers have shot up intensively. There were already five billion mobile subscriptions and two billion Internet users.

There is no doubt that digital marketing is a powerful way to promote products or services. But to take full advantage of the strategy, one must invest time and resources.



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