RIYADH — As cloud computing technology is used by both public and private sectors for its reliability and efficiency, Mobily recently highlighted cloud computing technical solutions during the Second Saudi University CIO Summit in Abha.

Cloud computing is a cutting edge technology in today’s era to ease and facilitate the business processes and enhance accessibility and  availability of information to keep organizations on location independence platform with security.

The second Saudi University CIO Forum is one of the main events in the region as it provides IT leaders with a venue for deepening their understanding of how to align their investments with educational and administrative needs. The event also provides a chance to discuss the latest technologies, and to highlight the challenges universities’ faculties and IT managers face.

The Saudi universities have previously launched a specialized forum in which universities’ IT administrators gathered to discuss challenges and prospects, as the first forum was held in Imam University in Riyadh with approval of the Saudi Minister of Higher Education.

Further, Mobily has a unique presence in many conferences and events as it sponsored the Telecoms World Middle East conference in which many innovative solutions were considered to improve telecom sector. The company has also participated in many regional and international remarkable events such as Global Competitiveness Forum.


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