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As our conventional sources of energy are about to go extinct, scientists are developing unique and indifferent technologies to meet the global demand of energy. Carl Peart, a Mexican student, entered the ‘Create the Future Design Contest, 2011′, with this unique design to produce clean energy. Named ‘Solar collection and Transfer Satellite’, it uses the system of Electro Mechanical Batteries to store energy, which is collected by the solar panels installed on the satellite. EMBs are simple and have amazing potential to store energy.

Solar Energy Collection & Transfer Satellite

Solar Energy Collection & Transfer Satellite
The Satellite collects energy through the incorporated solar array.

A composite flywheel spins with an electric motor and is comprised within a battery. The flywheel using magnetic force floats in a vacuum chamber and can spin at speeds above 60,000rpm. The chamber is almost friction-less which makes it possible to store energy for a long period of time. The electricity can be used by slowing down the flywheel and using the motor as a generator.

Energy is collected by the satellite using parallel connected solar panels. After storing this energy a microwave antenna transfers it to earth where a rectenna converts it back into electricity. The antenna can be repositioned; hence energy can be easily transferred to various locations on the earth, from one position in the orbit. The system features easy access doors and also allows easy replacement of worn batteries. The batteries are placed on a circular plate which rotates. They are mounted in a way which helps nullify gyroscope. Each satellite contains 360 batteries with a capacity to hold about 25 kWh each.

In future, this satellite can be used for producing and storing clean energy. It would constantly provide clean energy for meeting the rising global demands.



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