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Google+ is a social media network that most people don’t seem to understand.

It has now been with us in the social web ecosystem for over 12 months and has reached over 400 million users. Despite this, it is underestimated as a tool for marketing your business and brand.

Maria Peagler calls it “The Rodney Dangerfield of social networks, because it gets no respect! It has tremendous SEO and branding potential, but few people realize the power it has“.

Just like Facebook it has personal and brand pages that allow you to post text, images and video. It has been designed from day one to be multi-media rich and optimized for mobile. It has forced Facebook to evolve more rapidly and enhance its features such as live video, larger and higher definition images and an improved user interface. What is often forgotten is that Facebook has been with us for over 8 years old and Google+ by providing a more modern look and feel has added vital competitive pressure to the social media landscape.

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