Citrix has enhanced XenServer so it can better fit in CloudStack-powered environments and use “shared nothing storage.” Citrix is now offering a batch conversion tool in hopes of helping VMware users move to XenServer.

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Citrix took a shot in the ongoing battle to own the virtual machine software layer in industry standard computing environments by launching XenServer V6.1. The goal is to make the creation and operation of virtual environments that include clients, servers and clouds. The company also hopes that the tighter integration of XenServer in CloudStack-based cloud computing environments will help customers with their own cloud computing efforts. It also hopes this move will improve its competitive position when it is compared to offerings from VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and Red Hat.

Citrix’s comments on the features of XenServer V6.1

New features in the latest version of XenServer include:

  • Enhanced Integration with Leading Cloud Platforms: Direct integration with Apache CloudStack and Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, make it easy to partition firewalls, balance workloads and prevent attacks on systems in both public and private cloud environments –enhancing security and scalability for companies of all sizes.
  • “Shared Nothing” Storage Migration: XenServer now features an all new Storage XenMotion® technology that lets IT freely move running virtual machines without the need for shared storage. With the new Storage XenMotion feature, live migration occurs using a “shared nothing” architecture where the storage used for the virtual disks can be moved freely within and across pools for optimized storage utilization, simplified backup and serviceability — to deliver true VM agility in the cloud.
  • Batch Conversion from VMware to XenServer: XenServer Conversion Manager is a simple tool to automate batch conversions of VMware virtual machines into XenServer virtual machines for companies looking to maximize cost and performance. This tool will enable customers to ensure that they are using the best virtualization platform for their chosen applications in the datacenter and in the cloud.

Snapshot analysis

While tighter integration with CloudStack will help CloudStack customers, it may not be of much assistance to those who have selected VMware’s, Microsoft’s or others approach to cloud computing environments. That being said, Citrix’s launch of XenServer V6.1 was expected and welcomed by Citrix’s customers.


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