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IBM announced a series of wins that indicate wider adoption of Big Blue’s cloud, big data and services solutions in emerging markets.

In a series of recent wins, IBM demonstrates how its cloud technology, systems, storage and outsourcing services are helping organizations worldwide – particularly in emerging markets — to make a smooth transition into the digital era, harness big data and improve their overall infrastructure. IBM recently announced that Capitalonline Data Service Co. (CDS), one of China’s leading Internet data center (IDC) service providers, tapped Big Blue to develop an infrastructure for delivering enhanced cloud solutions. As part of a multi-million dollar engagement, IBM will build and manage CDS’s public cloud service based on IBM SmartCloud technology. As one of the earliest IDC service providers in China, CDS entered the cloud computing market in 2009 to provide cloud, datacenter and value-added IT services to clients in government, finance, entertainment and other industries. “CDS has made a long-term development strategy for cloud, and one of the important aspects of the strategy is to adopt the world’s leading cloud computing technologies,” said CDS CEO Qu Ning, in a statement. “IBM is a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud services globally, with a deep understanding of the Chinese market. With this collaboration we will be able to offer organizations superior public cloud services and help them achieve business innovation and transformation.”
The CDS cloud infrastructure will be based on IBM’s SmartCloud framework leveraging IBM PureFlex systems. IBM’s China Development Lab had been involved in the design and development to ensure that the cloud services are customized and optimized to local business requirements. Under the agreement, IBM will manage the infrastructure for the next four years.
The collaboration will enable Capitalonline to expand its cloud service in global markets, IBM said. “Today, enterprises are looking for high value cloud solutions to drive real business transformation,” said Wang Shenghang, director of the cloud business unit for IBM Greater China Group, in a statement. IBM also demonstrated its cloud computing prowess in a recent deal with the city of Geraldton, Australia. IBM and Market Creations, a business solutions provider based in the City of Greater Geraldton, announced a multi-million dollar deal to help the city to become a carbon-neutral region and emerge as a hub for sustainable and renewable energy. Geraldton is the administrative center of the Australian Midwest’s industry base, which includes mining, fishing, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and tourism. The city is projected to grow rapidly over the next decade, with more than $27 billion Australian dollars of planned investments for the region, IBM said. IBM and Market Creations will design and construct a cloud-enabled data center in Geraldton to help the city realize its goals of energy efficiency and economic competitiveness.


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