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The devtest environment is often varied and each development team would have their own separate environment that they build and maintain by themselves. This tends to foster fragmentation especially with slight variations in the operating system and other essential modules. The only solution is to create a single devtest environment and the best place for this, especially for geographically separated teams which is a commonality among today’s development world, is the public cloud. Think devtest cloud.

The above problem is compounded when moving to the public cloud as deploying multi-tier apps requires extensive manual configuration and provisioning of libraries, application data and binaries, operating systems, services, and even servers adding to complexity and contributing to downtime. This is the main reason why a lot of executives tend to ignore the cloud devtest environment solution.

CloudVelocity is here to change all of that. It automates all these time-laden and risky critical processes which are required during migration from traditional data centers into the public cloud or even on a hybrid cloud. And like any automating service, it is easy as one-two-three:

  1. Download the CloudVelocity software into the servers.
  2. The software then automatically creates a blueprint of the servers and starts replicating the OS, libraries, binaries, app stacks, and all application data into the cloud servers. This is the actual cloud migration being done automatically.
  3. After the replication process, you are ready to provision and launch your multi-tier application in the cloud along with your devtest environment.

That sounds so easy that it actually looks like a single step, and that’s just the Developer Edition, the Enterprise Edition is capable of so much more, think robust Cloud Migration, Cloning and Cloud Failover and even create Concurrent Clones of your environments at the press of a button. You can start harnessing the on-demand power of the public cloud without prior knowledge of the underlying technicalities, allowing you to concentrate more on development and testing.

Both versions of CloudVelocity allow you to migrate multiple physical or virtual server farms to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud in mere minutes. And if you sign up for a Free Beta devtest Trial Before February 15, CloudVelocity will pay for AWS charges during the trial period.


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