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Technologies around the Internet and the WAN have been around for some time. However, it wasn’t until very recently that a specific term began circulating which was supposed to emphasize the combination of these technologies. Cloud computing was born out of the idea of a distributed computing system where information was available from numerous different points. Although the idea has certainly caught on – there are still some misconceptions and confusions around the cloud.

Many businesses have found great ways to utilize a cloud model. Now, they’re able to be more agile, grow faster and even add to their business resiliency. Still, there are those that have never really worked with an enterprise cloud model and are held back by myths and confusion points around the technology.

In HP’s Five myths of cloud computing, we learn some of the biggest myths currently circulating in the cloud industry. Remember, the cloud is a vast, diverse, model which can accommodate many different types of organizations. Whether it’s a private, public, hybrid or community cloud – there may be a fit for your organization. Still, without full understanding the cloud model, it’s easy to be confused by so many different types of offerings.


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