Web giant supported old version of the statistic service after releasing a version that focused on real-time results. That support will end tomorrow.

by Steven Musil

In a largely expected move, Google has announced that tomorrow it will discontinue the old version of Google Analytics, which it has continued to support for much of the past year after introducing a new version.

Google released a new version of the Web visitor statistic service last September that focused on real-time results but kept a link to the old version at the bottom of the page. That link will be retired tomorrow, Google announced today in a company blog.

“We have received some really great feedback over the last year on what’s working and what’s not; we’ve been listening very closely and doing our best to incorporate the feedback and ideas,” Paul Muret, director of engineering for Google Analytics, said in a company blog post. “We are continually working to improve upon Google Analytics and help provide you with tools to make better decisions for your website and marketing programs, so please keep providing the feedback.”

For users who haven’t yet made the transition, Google points out that the new version features real-time results reporting, social reports to measure the effectiveness of social media, and content experiments that allow Web editors to show different versions of same page to users and measure their effectiveness.



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