Xcluesiv Expands Its Horizon to New Industries in Singapore

Xcluesiv Cloud Technology Pte. Ltd., which has served some of the largest due diligence and background screening companies for establishing their IT infrastructure and automating their end-to-end business processes in Singapore and in other APAC Regions, has now diversified its industry expertise and started delivering technology and digital solutions to new industry segments within the same region.


Xcluesiv Cloud Technology was established in 2010 and started catering technology needs of Risk Management Industry in Singapore and other APAC regions. After an overwhelming success working with some of the top due diligence and background screening companies, Xcluesiv decided to enter other industries as well in order to cater increasing technological demands by other sectors – another factor being the Singapore Government’s motivation for SMBs to make use of cloud computing for automating their day-to-day business processes.

In an interview with a leading security publisher based in US, SecuritySolutionsWatch.com, Mr. Danish Thanvi, CEO & President of Xcluesiv said, “Interestingly, the Singapore government is aggressively pushing for the adoption and deployment of cloud services in the country. For instance, expenditures incurred on cloud computing services qualify for enhanced deduction under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) provision; this is essentially a 400% tax deduction on the amount spent on various purchases and training activities. This is a huge incentive for local businesses, that’s why the cloud services are really booming in this region, and this is the right time for my company to meet the demands and deliver unique combination of the world’s best cloud based business solutions in Singapore.”

Xcluesiv has already started delivering solutions to companies in different sectors including retail & ecommerce, food & beverages, consulting firms, non-profits and so on while not getting away with the core risk management industry. In an answer to SecuritySolutionWatch.com, Danish further stated that, “When I started Xcluesiv in Singapore, I realized that Singapore government is giving special importance and value to the role of entrepreneurship as a tool of Economic Policy in unlocking the growth potential of the country. This is resulting in a growing number of young entrepreneurs starting new ventures every day. Now this activity is creating lots of opportunities for businesses like mine, which can offer investment-less IT infrastructure and business automation tools. I used the word ‘investment-less’ because literally there is not any investment requirement for getting a business up and running under the cloud. All they have to pay is a small monthly fee without any long term commitment. The best part is that these cloud tools that we offer meet all the industry compliance and security standards so there is no need to worry about data loss or unavailability of services. Currently, I am providing such solutions to food, retail, non-profit and consulting markets, mainly automation of their sales and marketing cycles. Recently we have also deployed recruitment and people management tools in the HR department of an emerging financial institute based in Singapore.”

Cost effectiveness and reliability are two major factors behind the successful entrance of Xclueisv into new business industries. Further elaborating about usefulness of cloud services, Danish added, “My Company Xcluesiv is the Alliance partner of Zoho.com and Google Apps in Singapore. Both of them are world leaders in Cloud-Based Solutions, so Xcluesiv provides a perfect combination of 360 degree solution for small and midsize businesses to quickly adopt integrated cloud based ERP tools (CRM, HRM, recruitment, accounting, collaboration etc.) and thus save a lot of money and time”.

Commitment to delivering successful, cost-effective, and reliable solutions is the basis for the continued success of not only Xcluesiv, but for its newly entered industry segments. The company intends to maintain this successful position while proceeding aggressively with solutions aimed at catering complex technological needs of SMBs in Singapore.

About Xcluesiv:
Xcluesiv is the first Alliance Partner of Zoho and Google Enterprise Reseller in Singapore. The main goal of Xcluesiv is to make life of small and mid-size businesses easier by designing affordable and need specific solutions, collaboration and business productivity applications through idea generation, research and strategy. Xcluesiv automates manual business operations through integrating sophisticated applications such as CRM, emailing, point-of-sales, inventory management, accounting, invoicing, e-marketing, project management and many others and creating systematic workflows to centralize complete business cycle for unique business needs.


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